A tribut to "Schurli" Georg Danzer and Band

One of the greatest of the Austrian music scene

It has always been a desire of mine to get to know personally Georg Danzer and  1994 it was finally time. Georg is for me a musician who has accompanied my life. His songs, which still impress me today: "White Horses", "The Gypsy woman" and his album "Circles". Thank you Georg, for your songs! Much too soon you're gone forever. This photos are the story "Georg Danzer and Band - Backstage". She tells of five musicians: Georg Danzer, Ulli Bär, ​​Gary Lux, Thomas Mora and Peter Barborik. Thanks also to "Blacky" - Franz Christian Schwarz, the manager of Georg, who has made this possible and my former team, Alexander Kosak and Martin Wagner.